Sunday, June 03, 2007

Book #19: Inside My Heart by Robin McGraw

It took me awhile to warm up to Dr. Phil. I didn't watch him on Opera, and I flipped past his tv show more often than I watched it. Then, he started to grow on me and now I'm a pretty regular watcher of his show. He just makes so much damn sense. And I like his values, which is a rare find on a tv show.

Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, on the other hand....I loved her right away. She's sassy, just as smart as her husband, and has a great handle on being a woman. So, though I knew I'd probably take a tremendous amount of flack for reading her book, I did it anyway.

Her book is a mix of general advice and specific stories about what it means to be a woman, wife, and mother. What impressed me is that she didn't talk like a Married, looking down on single people. She managed to spend an entire book NOT condescending to Unmarrieds...something that most Marrieds can't handle for even a minute.

I found myself nodding as I listened to her (audiobook)...she's the type of person I think everyone needs to have in his or her life. She's optimistic, funny, smart, and honest. I learned so much from her, though her book was way too short. I'm hoping that she'll write another.

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Patricia said...

cool, I'd love to read this Kelly, and you think the marrieds are condescending to the single, and the married think the single are condescending to them, actually, I don't think about it at all!!! now take a working mom and a non working mom and then you may have a'll check out this book, thanks honey..xoxo