Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Holding vigil...

So, the announcements for this year's Loft Mentor Series are coming out...or they've already come out and I didn't get in. A friend of mine found out last Tuesday that she got in in Poetry, but then Jerod (the Loft guy who calls the winners) left on vacation. Here is what I don't know:

1. If Jerod is in or out of town
2. If only the Poetry people have been called
3. If he called everyone in all categories before he left
4. If I am in or not

Last night Jodi and I were sitting at Grumpy's after class (sans Rob who actually sent an email telling us he wouldn't be able to make it...the first sign of the apocolypse) and I was talking about how the wait for this is so much worse than the wait to find out about grad school. She said, simply, "Well, you really really want this" (or something to that effect...) and she's right. I do want this more than I wanted to get into the U of M. That sounds insane, even to me, but it's true. The Mentor Series is a feather in the cap of anyone who regularly deals with the loft, and it opens up opportunities for teaching, writing groups, etc.

I haven't talked about this year's mentor yet. Last year it was a shock to get honorable mention. This year my expectations are higher, I think, than they should be. I don't know. I just like going into things without the assumption that I'll get something because of the amazing feeling if I do. Belize, Loft honorable mention, those were both total surprises.

Also, just as an aside, last year when I got my HM letter, my writing group also broke up. I pronounced that I was going to enter a celebate state with writing groups and have done so for nearly a year. I do occasionally get the desire to rejoin a group, or to form one, but this last group ended in such disappointment, I think, for all of us, and I only talk to one of the four other members, which is disheartening still.

Okay...hopefully Jerod will call today. Or soon. I haven't waited like this for a man to call me in...well...a long damn time.


Jodi said...

Do you keep checking to make sure your phone still works like every 10 minutes? Because I totally do. And nobody's called yet.

Kelly said...

Oh totally! And do you know how many times my phone has rung today? SEVEN. SEVEN TIMES! People need to quit calling me or I'm going to eventually just curl up and die.

Jodi said...

At least my phone hasn't rang at all, so I am saved the pointless heartattacks.

However, I had a dream within a dream last night where I dreamt that I was dreaming that I got in and you didn't, but then when I woke up in the dream I found out we both got in.

Then I really woke up and realized that I have no idea at all.