Saturday, July 07, 2007

What? When? OH! 7/7/07

I have reached the point in the summer where I am unaware of the day or the date. It almost always happens in the days after July 4, because July 4 begins a long stretch of time when it doesn't really matter to me what the day/date is. But today, of course, is 7/7/07, and you'd have to be dead not to know the date today.

7/7/07. The luckiest day of the year, nay, the century. It's kind of cool, actually. I plan to stay inside most of the day, though. Spent yesterday at the cabin with Josh and Michelle and the kids, and it was fantastic. I laid out on the pontoon, read, ate, and played with baby Max. It was a banner day, as Xander broke his two year silence with me (he's 2 years old) and said hello to me. He didn't say anything else to me the whole day, but we're taking baby steps so it's okay. Today, being the hottest day EVER, I will clean the house, write, read, and keep cool.

Happy Luckiest Day of the Century!

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