Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ouchie ouch ouch

Jodi IMed me today to let me know that she got her finalist letter for the Mentor Series [YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY JODI!! :) ] and, because she is a good friend, to let me know that I did not make the list.


Last year when the Ex didn't make the list with a story that was accepted by one of the top literary magazines in the country, Heather and I spent a loooooot of time coming up with any reason possible why he didn't make the cut. I am now trying to remember what all of those reasons were so that I can tell myself that it's because of something else other than that I am the shittiest writer to ever harbor the misconception that she is a writer.

I've had a LOT of rejection this year with my writing. It's okay...none of it has killed me, and it's not like I'll stop writing because of rejection. Certainly hasn't stopped me in the dating world--why would it stop me with something that really matters?

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