Monday, August 13, 2007

Since I'm not in the path of the storm...

The Twin Cities is getting pelted by storms right now and Ian Leonard of KMSP is jumping around like it's his first day of school talking about the weather. There is a man who loves his job. I think that meterologists must just totally get off on these huge storms---they turn from the "guys who are always wrong" to the people that have all the info. They jump into the spotlight and they'll go all night.

That being said, one of two things is happening on KMSP. Either Ian Leonard gets a salary bonus every time he references Titan 3D Radar by name, or KMSP hasn't totally paid for Titan 3D Radar yet, and the meterologists/newscasters have to say Titan 3D Radar a certian number of times per use. Whichever it is, if I was a drinkin' gal I'd be playing a drinking game with myself: A shot whenever Ian says Titan 3D Radar. Kind of glad I'm not, because I'd have alcohol poisoning by now.

Don't get me wrong--I'm so not mocking Ian Leonard or, God forbid, Titan 3D Radar. Ian has stayed up nights with me a number of times and convinced me it was okay to go back to sleep and put the chinchillas back into their cage. AND, even though he disagreed, he bowed out for both the results of So You Think You Can Dance and Hell's Kitchen. Thank you, Ian.

Uh oh....Christine Clayburg just said "the radar" rather than Titan 3D Radar. She may not have a job tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

I'm laughing my ass off - we just had an entire conversation about Mr. Titan 3D before I read your post.

Kelly said...

HA! Of course you were! Apparently Mr. T. 3D Radar is a force to be reckoned with.