Saturday, August 11, 2007

Words I've Longed to Hear...........from a psycho. Of course.

So, in a moment of weakness a few months ago (maybe it was turning 31, maybe it wasn't, I'm not saying) I signed back up for I've always had reasonable luck, a few dates here, a few dates there....all good.

This time around, has proven to be one of the most base, humiliating experiences of my still relatively young life. Here's why:

1. Apparently men think an "about average" body type includes morbid obesity.

2. I am not getting winked at or emailed by these "about average" men any more than I'm getting winked at or emailed by men that I might actually consider.

3. The men that are winking and emailing me are psychos. Psycho #1 says, " am definitely not inclined to let you slip away without a fight." and "If we went out just one time, I could die happy." No man has ever said to me that he won't let me go without a fight.....kind of wish I could still say that. Psycho #2 (a 41 year old from South Dakota) sends me something I think must be his own poetry/philosophical thoughts....then asks me "In what format have you enticed the mind to open up to the gift of writing?" I don't even know what that means.'s always an adventure, isn't it?

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