Sunday, September 09, 2007

Book #43 Tunes for Bears to Dance To by Robert Corimer

Corimer's style is easy to read and his understanding of how "bad" people can manipulate "good" people is uncanny. Tunes for Bears to Dance To is a short novel that reads as briefly as a short story might. The basic premise is simple: an adult bully takes advantage of a child who is in pain. The adult, Mr. Hairston, tries to make the child, Henry, do something horrible not only to have the task accomplished but also to try to make Henry do something bad.

While the novel is powerful, I would have liked to see it expanded into a longer work. The major plot point comes quickly--almost too quickly to be believed. Minor plot points were barely developed because of a lack of time available in the novel.

Corimer seems to use the theme of good vs. evil as his stock and trade, and he does an amazing job of coming up with situations that we all could face--or have faced--at some point in our lives.

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