Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poets and The Terminator Syndrome

When I was in high school, my boyfriend Josh and I went up to Fargo with a bunch of friends to an Amy Grant concert. On the way up, we started talking about movies. Josh was talking about Terminator, and someone else was saying that it had such a great ending....and then proceeded to tell the ending of the movie. Josh was pissed, and so from then on we called people who spill the ends of movies and wreck everything "The Terminator Syndrome."

This summer, a guy in my poetry was talking about The Sopranos and he let fly with the ending of the series. I was so angry that I had waited and avoided all press and all conversation about the show's finale, only to be ambushed by The Terminator Syndrome in, of all places, a POETRY class. Dr. Melfi would have loved the irony.

So imagine my surprise when tonight I'm sitting in poetry class and we're talking about endings, and this woman says, "Well, like the ending to that one show..." and then gave away how the show ended. I was aghast. I mean, what are the odds? The only two statements I've ever heard about the finale of The Sopranos, and they both occur in poetry classes?

Suffice to say, I get it. I know how the show ends. When I actually get around to watching it, I'll write a poem about it.

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