Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"The Story That Must be Written This Week"

I'm exchanging work with my writing partner in two days, so I've been working on a story with the working title of "The Story That Must be Written This Week." Because I'm not in a writing group and because I took poetry this summer instead of fiction, I have not written a word of fiction in, well......a long time.

This is not good.Coming back to fiction is like going back to an old boyfriend after being in a different relationship. It's awkward, he doesn't like any of the new techniques you've learned because you learned them with "Him," and you wonder after awhile why you went back in the first place.

I am first and foremost a fiction writer. I belong to him. And yes, I cheated on him with Poetry, but I've decided that I'm not a one-man-girl. This excursion back into dating territory with "The Story That Must be Written This Week" has been a land mine of tentative steps, backtracking, arguments and apologies. If we end up together, the story will be written. And, since I'm sure that we are destined, I expect to be successful in getting Boyfriend Fiction to take me back.

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