Friday, October 26, 2007

I wouldn't know where to begin...

Erica and I went to a party last Saturday night, and I remarked tonight to her on the phone that it seems like it was about a hundred years ago. MEA seems like it never happened. What a week.

So, I'll start fresh: weekend plans. Here, for you, is a list.

1. Study chapters 2-4 in Algebra 2 book.

2. Clean house from top to bottom.

3. Revise "Objects" ... a poem I wrote a few weeks ago that Jude has agreed to critique for me.

4. Revise "A Place to Rest"... poem workshopped this past week at class that Jude offered to critique.

5. Revise "The Story That Must Be Written This Week". This is a story I wrote a little over a month ago with, obviously, a working title. I have to bring a story to my fiction class this next week and I don't think I have the time (or inspiration, frankly) to write anything new.

6. Assorted odds-and-ends for the play, which opens in under two weeks.

7. Um...fixing my grading situation. I have one class set of literary analyses that's over a month old, and to say the basket is overflowing is laughable. I was doing a bang up job staying caught up until two weeks ago when I completely lost my shit for some reason and haven't been able to gather it back up.

So, it's a busy weekend, but I better get used to it. I am completely saturated at the moment; I've taken on as much as I'm physically capable of doing. Between yoga, advanced poetry, advanced fiction, teaching an overload, learning algebra, and the fall play, it's enough. I'm giving nanowrimo a go again this year, probably for the last time for awhile because of what the next 2-3 years are going to look like for me (Operation: DBH) and I'm contemplating joining the committee looking at forming an alternative school in our district.

I have to be careful that I keep some space for myself, or I'll blow the whole wad and fail at everything. I'm dangerously close to this. All of the work will, though, pay off in the end.

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