Thursday, October 18, 2007

In case you were wondering...

I am no longer reading Sara Gruen's Flying Changes. I was impressed as hell with Water for Elephants, so much so that I bookmooched a few of Gruen's other books, of which Flying Changes was one.

In his book On Writing, Stephen King said that sometimes he puts books down after he reads a particularly tinny sentence. Something that doesn't ring true. Because, he says, he's in his fifties and there are a lot of books to read. I always thought that was a tad harsh. I've pushed through books before that I didn't much care for, because I always hoped that they would come through in the end. Sometimes they do, sometimes not so much.

Yes, I thought that comment by King was a bit too much....until I was in the middle of a lovely scene in Flying Changes where Annemarie Zimmer is heading toward her horse's stall and I read this line:
"Dust swirls in the shafts of cool light like sperm in a Petri dish, but the stall is otherwise empty."



"Dust swirls in the shafts of cool light like sperm in a Petri dish..."

I cannot, in good conscience, continue with this book. And I apologize to Mr. King for implying that he was too hard on some of these authors.

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