Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not cake

Well, the math placement test was not cake. Not even a sweet pastry. I got at 95% on the elementary algebra, which was the first part of the test. I did NOT get a 95% on the college math portion, which was the second part of the test. I got a bit under half of that percentage. So, I tested into Intermediate Algebra. Yippee.

Gatsby update: several people have emailed and expressed concern for Gats. He's doing much better painwise and can walk/sit/lay down again. He's really pissed that he can't come upstairs (or go back down once I carry him up), but so far doesn't seem to miss his walks and toy time...I don't think he's all that interested. The good news is that he's responding to his pain meds which means that it was a slipped disc for sure (opposed to Lyme disease, a kidney stone, etc.)

Math. *shudder*

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