Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just a mild heart attack, no worries

No, it wasn't from the McDonalds.

Tonight after class Danielle asked me (for about the tenth time, apparently) to send her a copy of Advanced Woods, a story I wrote almost two years ago now, because she hadn't read the version that I subbed for mentor and to grad school. Imagine my confusion

that turned to shock

that turned to horror

that turned to stark fucking terror

when I realized that the most recent copy of Advanced Woods on both my computer and my back up file was from March of 2006. The first draft of the story.

I'll give the writers a moment to gasp and let the spots in their vision clear.

Fortunately, I have awesome friends and I'm a procrastinator. Awesome friend Jodi emailed me her most recent copy tout suite from 12/06, which was the second to the last draft. Because I am a procrastinator, I had three copies of the manuscript that were prepped to send out as subs but I never got them out.

So, I do have a hard copy that I can scan in and I'll have that to work with along with the copy Jodi sent. But, I don't know what else I deleted. I know I deleted it. I can tell you exactly when and how....but I won't, because I've already demonstrated my idiocy enough for one night. I still feel like it's totally possible I might lose my cookies over this, but I need to remember that having something is better than having to totally start from scratch.

And I'm never deleting anything ever again.

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Buck Williams said...

I've been a fan of your blog for sometime. I mean, with writing and humor as brilliant as yours, how could I not.

I think I love you. I want to have your babies.

I was wondering though. I've written a couple of chapters of a book myself, (yes, I decided to try my hand as an author), any chance I could get you to take a look at it and give me some feedback?

Your biggest fan and mine,

Buck Williams