Sunday, November 18, 2007

Once a slacker, always a slacker...

Well, I skipped yesterday in Nablopomo as well. I remembered when I was driving home from the last cast party at 12:15am. From the cast party where I went from being the Guitar Hero Unbeaten Champion to the Fallen Queen of Guitar Hero. The only people who didn't beat me last night were the people who didn't play (and my darling stage manager, Abbi, but we won't bring that up for the sake of her teenage self-esteem).

Today I have to announce to my cast and crew that Up the Down Staircase was my last play. I have unofficially resigned, and will turn in my formal resignation in a few weeks. Operation: DBH (announcement tomorrow!) is going to render theater impossible for me. I've already talked about how icky it's going to be to tell them, but now that the day is actually here, and the time looming closer, I'm actually really nervous. I hope I say everything I want to say in the right order, and I really, really hope that I don't cry. I try to avoid crying in front of people whenever possible, because once I start it's difficult to stop. It doesn't help that we got news on Friday that school is going to become a lot harder for teachers and students on the Monday after Thanksgiving when teachers go "work to rule" as a step toward settling our contract. I've never actually gone "work to rule" before--only "work to hours". I'll explain the differences tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday, seeing as I'm on the new every-other-day-Nablopomo-plan).

Okay...time for me to go deliver the news.

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