Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday, Yoga Sunday

Today was largely devoted to Yoga practice. I went to an all-levels class where Molly, sick as a dog though she was, managed to totally kick my ass. I felt so bad because it was obvious she felt like shit, but she pushed through an hour of class before she had to leave us to our own devices so that she didn't hack to death during our Savasana. But the majority of practice she was okay, and I learned several new asanas and I almost did okay on a few of them. She corrected my bridge pose, which was totally embarrassing because I *know* bridge pose, but with all of the new stuff I completely spaced it. It was really helpful to see where I will be going in the next level of class after I finish this session.

After practice, I went next door to Yoga Nidra with Tom. Yoga Nidra is a psychic sleep that, when done properly, is equivalent to four hours of sleep. I know! So I spent an hour doing that, and now I'm back at home basking in relaxed muscles and relaxed mind.

Tomorrow night I've got my regular class with Molly. Hopefully she'll be feeling better...I think teaching Yoga would totally suck when sick.

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