Friday, November 30, 2007

"Not with a bang, but a whimper."

And so I close out November. Failure at Nablopomo and Nanowrimo, but better in other areas. Today, day five of work to rule, was hideous. No classes, but still kids were lurking around that still had work to finish and make up time to complete so they wouldn't get kicked out of the program I teach in for the first half of the day. For the second time this week I managed to hold back tears from the school to my car, but once I was in the privacy of my own vehicle, it was game over. I still have a class set of finals to grade, a class set of research papers, and I haven't planned one single day of the trimester that begins on Monday. But, well, that's work to rule, I guess.

Erica and I went shopping tonight, we'd planned it all week as a reward for making it through what we knew would be a difficult time, and it was really fun. We hit all our usual haunts and had dinner at P.F. Changs. I bought a scale at Macy's that measures everything except my I.Q. (and maybe it'll do that too if I program it right), some clothes at Banana Republic and a Yoga breathing book by Donna Farhi. Farhi is the creator of the style of Yoga I do, and Molly swears by her. I also finally picked out a sweater at Old Navy and, according to the commercial, a boyfriend should soon follow. Fantastic.

I have never been so happy tomorrow is Saturday in my life.

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