Thursday, November 29, 2007

Work to Rule, Day 4

Boy. My school is the un-funnest place in the world right now. Everyone is stressed, exhausted, and totally pushed to the limit every single minute of our duty day. It's not pretty. I collected nearly ninety 15-20 page finals from my kids yesterday between fifth and seventh hours, and then promptly burst into tears as we left the building at 3:01. Erica and I stood in the parking lot and I tried to come up with some possible way that I could get grades done on those papers. Erica, being the BFF that she is, offered to help me grade them.
Work to rule is only hurting the teachers. The kids aren't feeling any pain, I have no idea if the general public even knows we're doing it. I know it's something we need to do, but I wish there was some way that it could be finished quickly. We have another mediation this coming Wednesday and hopefully we'll reach a settlement. That will be eight days on work to rule, which may still kill me dead.

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