Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few things...

1. "Work to rule" sucks ass. Especially when a kid asks me, totally genuinely, "Did you enjoy your day off yesterday?" Because apparently I didn't work my ass off for eight hours. It really is the expectation that teachers are only putting in part-time when we teach all day. I know, I's all that "time off" we get. Save it.

2. While we're on school, we locked down today for real. At 2:55 an announcement came on that we were in lockdown. The teachers were all still there, I guess fortunately, because it wasn't 3:00. We all headed into a classroom and wondered what the hell was going on, since school was out and there was no way we'd have a drill. My panic set in and my teeth started to hurt. It didn't help when one teacher mused "Well, the largest concentration of teachers is in the building right now." There's been so much shit going on in our district and in our high school these last few weeks, it is totally possible--hell, it's possible any day of the week--for a disgruntled student to come in and shoot up the place. Fortunately, after about twenty minutes they called out the "all clear" and we headed home. Turns out, there was some sort of a standoff going on in a house that shares a property line with the high school. The lockdown worked, following the total confusion about what it was...

3. I visited my chiropractor today and she absolutely beat the crap out of me. Then I had a massage for an hour. My body tonight is all "Um, hey, dude. Simmer."

4. I've got a yoga class Sunday and an hour long meditation that is supposed to be the equivalent of four hours of sleep. Then another yoga class on Monday night. Is life great or what??

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