Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The apocalypse....

I don't know which sign of the apocalypse I witnessed today. It may be a trump card.

Sitting on a table in the staff lounge (for sale, mind you), was this book:

I'll allow you to shudder in peace....


The tag line for the title is "Stories from the Idols and their Fans that Open Your Heart and Make Your Soul Sing."

Are you puking yet?

Let's check out the inside of the book. Hm. "Forward by Paula Abdul." That should set just about take care of any remaining dry heaves you might have.

How about Melinda Doolittle's opening essay "Without God I'm Tone Deaf"? Ruben Studdard's "Now There's Enough for Everybody"? (The jokes are too easy.) Or "The Ace of Hearts" brought to you by, you guessed it--Phil Stacey!! Just kidding--of course it's Ace Young.

The kicker is the forty-one pages devoted to "The Wind Beneath My Wings: Stories of Fans Touched by Idols." (Again, the jokes are just too easy for me to bear), finishing with little Emily Weaver's "My Favoritest Idol Ever." Like I give a shit how anyone was touched by an idol.

Okay, I'm off to go get touched by Clay Aiken---he runs on batteries.

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Leah said...

When was it published? I saw an article today that talked about how last year, for the first time, Idol had ratings that dropped. I didn't read the article, but at a glance I caught a part where the producers or whatever were pretty much having heart attacks and were going to try really hard this season to bring ratings back up. Maybe the book is a part of that too. Haha.