Sunday, January 27, 2008

Third time's the charm and New Year's Resolution #2

Yeah, I saw Sweeney Todd three times in the theater. And yes, if I was in a position to fund Helena Bonham Carter's salary, I'd probably see it a fourth. But, I'm not, sadly.

Since it's the end of January it's time to unveil New Year's Resolution #2 (of 12, one per month). This month's was to stop smoking, and so far so good. Except for when Jessie was up this weekend. Now I don't have any other cigarettes in my house. Guess I'm really done.... because February's resolution is to not spend more than $20/week on anything fun. No books, no clothes, and only a few meals out with friends. It's time I addressed my finances for real, and so February's resolution is to begin to get a handle on it all.

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