Sunday, February 10, 2008

Salvaging Sunday

So I sat in my crabby pants pretty much all day and then decided that the best way to salvage what should have been a perfectly wonderful Sunday (blasphemy to waste them, friends) would be to make myself crabcakes for dinner.

I'm not going to lie--I make the best damn crabcakes this side of Maine. Thought I guess they'd probably make lobstercakes. Whatever--you get my drift. And it seems to be working. Though I am still put out a bit by the overall structure of the class, I'm not so pissed off that I can't savor every bite of my yummy dinner. And, though it's 7:20 and I teach in 12 hours, I'm okay with that.
I do have a huge test on Wednesday, a quiz tomorrow, and another huge test a week from Wednesday, but I will survive all of them. I need a study schedule, but I'll survive them. You bet yer sweet crabcakes I will.

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