Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I remember when "backdooring" used to mean something

Dear children in the Big Brother house:

I know that you've grown up watching the game. I know that you used to get to stay up past your bedtime in your footie pajamas and watch the likes of Eddie McGee, Dr. Will, and Marcellas kick all forms of ass mental and social and you grew to love and admire them.

Here's a solid piece of advice from someone who has watched Big Brother, um, as an adult:

It's not "backdooring" if the person knows he's being backdoored!

Backdooring used to mean something. It was a skilled, strategic movie on the part of the HoH and other members in control of the house who stealthily moved about and flipped the house on its ass by putting up onto the block someone who had no idea that he or she is even in danger. It is not, as what happened tonight, the HoH hearing from the potential backdoor-ee that he's going to be backdoored.

There are a few of you playing the game very intelligently--and it is you who saved the game tonight from going to a very bad place. To the four of you who think that you "pulled off the most strategic move in Big Brother history," go back to your playpens and watch, on your Fisher Price televisions, the masters at work. This game is too big for you.



TT. said...

Um, my people actually have another definition for "backdooring." I wonder why your blog always inspires such filthiness in me?

Kelly said...

I do that to a lot of's part of my charm. =)