Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fingerless gloves

Alison McGhee loves my gloves.

I wear fingerless gloves from October until, oh, April. Mostly because my hands freeze wherever I am, especially at work. The other reason I wear them is because I like them. A lot. And when I'm at work, there are two responses: students love them, and adults are troubled by them. Adults mock my gloves, tease me about them, and shake their heads at me when I walk by. For example, a few days ago, the following conversation took place:

Him: Why don't you just wear a long sleeved shirt?
Me: It's 50 degrees. I wanted to wear short sleeves.
Him: Are your wrists cold?
Me: No, because I've got my gloves on.
Him: Well, it looks funny.
Me: You look funny.

You'll forgive my junior high comment at the end, but it's been (I think) since junior high since someone told me I looked funny without me asking "Hey, do I look funny in this?"

People will walk by me in the hallway "Hey, are your hands cold?" In my mind "No, fuckers, because I've got THESE GLOVES ON." Out loud I say "Yep."

I'll continue to wear my gloves not only because they work, but because I love wearing them. They make me happy. And yes, I wash them regularly (and I have about four pairs). They also set me apart from other people and when I get compliments from the likes of Alison McGhee, one of my favorite writers of all time, on them, that tends to eclipse all of the naysayers.

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Leah said...

Oh! I wear fingerless gloves too. I make them as well (knit). They're very useful for when your hands are cold. People are just stupid sometimes, plain and simple. If they don't know what something's like (example, being cold all the time), they MUST make fun of it. It's like... a rule.