Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A smile on my face courtesy of people who understand.

I've expressed my adoration for Michael Perry before and probably will several times again this calendar year. I checked in on his blog because I haven't been there in awhile and found his tribute (well, it's sort of a tribute) to Brett Favre. It's posted on March since his blog doesn't allow individual link postings. His response, for the lazy, is as follows:

I love the game of football. Loved playing it (in large part for the sanctioned violence, which I still recall with unapologetic fondness), loved watching it. Then about 2-3 years ago, the afternoon that Randy Moss rubbed his butt on the field goal post, I just got tired of it. Didn’t storm off or write letters to the editor or anything, but just got weary with the idea that I should burn time watching petulant millionaires act like asses in a time of war. Or something like that. I never really polished it into a speech or anything. And so I just quit watching. But I absolutely got drawn back in by the run this year. Only saw a handful of the games, but I truly enjoyed watching Favre in there. I’m benevolently cynical about this stuff (if one can be such a thing) but he just struck me as a feller who has come to understand himself and his place, and became more likable in the process. Sports are irrelevant. Having said that, we have been very fortunate to have a guy that good in place for that long. Perhaps I can put it best with an overwhelming understatement: He was fun to watch.
But yes. From the governor right down to the guy at the end of the bar, everyone has released a statement, and the statement is: We Are Sad.

Amen, Michael. Amen.

He also linked to a woman who described (much like I did here) her conversion from "normal person" to "Packer backer." She owns a cheese bra.

In a time when I feel like no one in the world understands me one bit, and few people give two shits about me, it's really nice to know that there are, out in the world, people who are like me. Who I can listen to, or read in this case, and nod and say "Yes. That's exactly what I was thinking."

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