Monday, April 07, 2008

That little neon green butterfly...

I seem to have developed a whopping case of insomnia.

About two weeks ago, over spring break, I decided that maybe the reason why I'd been staying up until 1,2,3am was because I was taking naps in the afternoon when I could. And just so you know, when I nap, it's a 2 hour event. I'm not a cat-napper, I'm a sleeper. Anyway, I decided to skip the naps and fight to be awake in the afternoons, hoping to go to sleep at a more reasonable time.

This resulted in me getting about 2-3 hours of sleep each night last week. The only result of a decrease in naps was that I was more tired during the day. It did nothing to affect my sudden burst of energy that hits at around 11:30pm and sustains me until 2:30, 3am.

This is not good.

It's 12:51am now, and I need to be at work in six hours and nine minutes. I'm not tired.

So much for starting the week off right.


k1tchenwitch said...

Ugh, I go through more-than-occasional bouts of insomnia and it just ruins me. Have you tried melatonin? It's worked for me, and it's much cheaper than the butterfly stuff. I just learned, though, that once you take it and are in bed for the night, you shouldn't be exposed to bright lights as that somehow "deactivates" it. ??

Leah said...

I'd be careful when it comes to sleep meds, just because it takes away your REM sleep so that when you stop taking the meds, you go into overdrive REM when you actually DO sleep, which leaves you feeling overly tired and groggy when you wake up.

I have difficulty sleeping as well, so I just put a Friends disc on my laptop and fall asleep to that. Familiarity helps. I used to listen to music (actually I used to fall asleep listening to LoveLine as a young teen) or leave the TV on as well.

Kelly said...

Thanks ladies,
I'll admit I'm hesitant to start taking anything as a sleep aid, but I'm definitely into herbal stuff, and I think melatonin is, right?
God I used to curl up with Loveline at night!! Doctor Drew got me through college. And, frankly, my early twenties.
I sleep with my tv on...another friend of mine suggested Coldplay, since apparently they are the most sleep-inducing band.

Leah said...

I just finished Duma Key. I have to admit it was much tamer than I expected it to be. I got through more than half the book with the anticipation I get with every King book: That I know this lull is going to come crashing down around me. I suppose I wasn't hit with such an impact because he kept mentioning the ominous things - I was blindsided by what happened in Bag of Bones, and I definitely wasn't as emotionally impacted as with Lisey's story. It was still amazing, just nothing like I expected.

Kelly said...

Bag of Bones was crazily emotional--it's still my favorite of his....I haven't read Lisey's Story yet, though it's on the table for summer (again, lol).
I didn't think I was all that impressed with Duma, but I sure keep thinking about it a lot. Those characters, particularly "if-so girl" are sticking with me. I may read it again this summer for kicks.

Leah said...

Oh, I wanted to clarify: the "amazing"ness of the book, for me, definitely didn't come from the story itself. Rather, it came from the attention to detail, the descriptions, the imagery. That was what got me. As a whole, it didn't strike me as a book I'd want to read again in the near future, even if I ponder if-so-girl often. Although I would definitely recommend, when you have the time, reading Lisey's story ASAP. It, along with Bag of Bones, is one of my most favorite King books. I've read it a few times and it hasn't gotten old.