Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crabby Pants

They're back on. And on they'll stay until June 6th when I'm finally released from the hell employment that manages to crush my hopes and dreams on a daily basis.

Here is what's keeping me from slitting my wrists (metaphorically, of course):

--> An invite to Yoga Molly's kegger this weekend (for which I have expressed such excitement I'm pretty sure Molly thinks I never get invited to parties)

--> A visit from Jessie, also this weekend

--> Memorial Day

--> The fact that after Memorial Day there are only eight days left of school for underclassmen

--> The fact that after Memorial Day there are only six days left of school for seniors

--> I can watch Sweeney Todd whenever I want

--> I can do a shoulder stand in yoga, mostly unassisted (after my initial "dead bug" appearance at which point Molly rescues me)

--> Seinfeld

I think that's it.

Right now, I want to eat Asian noodles and take a nap and read a book. What I need to do is clean the guest bathroom for Jessie.

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