Sunday, May 25, 2008

Party on, Dude

One of the only things that was getting me through last week was the impending soirée at Yoga Molly's house. Last night Jessie and I arrived at 6pm and left at around 2am. The eight hours in between are something of a blur to me, but I do know that I had a blast.

One of the hazards of going to a party where you don't know anyone is that afterward the whole experience can seem surreal and imagined. I spent today pretty much in my own head, recalling conversations, jokes, etc. but not being able to tell them to anyone and, in short, debrief. That, combined with the after effects of an unbelievable amount of alcohol, has left me feeling somewhat emotionally raw. Not in a bad way, just in that post-party way. I met very cool people and got to know Molly better. I behaved myself (I really did!) and it's so nice to not have to add regret to the list of things I'm feeling.

So, tomorrow is a vacation day which should give me a bit more time to recover. I have to clean the house and grade some stuff, but I'll still find time to enjoy the day.

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