Saturday, May 10, 2008

Huh...this pressure cooker thingy has a lid...

Last night I took my bio final. I won't speak of it beyond that I only needed seven points to hold an A in the class (50 point test) and I'm really hopeful (but not positive) that I got seven right. I have my accounting final on Tuesday and my Death and Dying final on Wednesday and then I'm done.

And a funny thing happened when I woke up this morning. At 1pm. The sac of stress I've been floating in since January broke open during the night and I felt a level of calm that I don't remember feeling in months. I definitely prefer to work harder during the term so that finals don't matter quite as much (opposed to the girl in my bio class who didn't even show up for the final because there's no way she can get a C in the class even with a perfect score so she has to retake the class anyway).

Today is my day to sit and enjoy. To read my book. Practice yoga. Play games on the computer. Yeah, I need to clean and do laundry too, but that's cool, I can do that. Later I'll go to the grocery store and get some beans, mushrooms, veggies, to match up with my new food plan. I'm excited for today.

In a tad more than three weeks I start the summer term: cellular biology and intermediate algebra. I have bio for 14 hours a week. Yeech. The learning for that class will be intense: both fast and hard. But, I can do it. In three weeks.

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