Sunday, May 04, 2008

Yoga saves the day

I could try telling you about this week. I could attempt to explain the insane combination of events that sent me into the weekend begging for just a few hours to not have to think...Could try to explain in detail any one of the following events:

--> The adverse and somewhat numbing reaction to the death of an old friend's baby daughter

--> The irritation felt by finding out that I need to attend my 7th hour every day until the end of the year because my batch of 25 honors-level seniors cannot be trusted to behave themselves with a substitute teacher.

--> Completely wigging out in a somewhat overly-dramatic moment in which I announced that not only was I quitting teaching, I was quitting my at-risk program *today* and then there was some stalking off and some door slamming, followed by a lot of tip-toeing around by my coworkers and students out of straight up fear that I might lose my shit all over again.

--> Partner yoga, in which I became intimately involved with a stranger whom I know only as Moist Frank

--> Finding out that not only did my best friend's fiance quit his teaching job four months before his contact expired, but he lied about quitting for two months (yes, you read that correctly) and continued to get up every morning to "go to work" until he finally had to pony up the truth eight weeks after the fact

--> Forgetting the casket spray after taking the casket from the sanctuary, leading to a not-so-serious yet definitely present first mistake in the funeral biz

Yes, any of those could be expanded and expounded upon for some length, particularly Moist Frank and the lying-asshole-fucker-loser my best friend seems to still plan to marry, but I'll spare you.

Instead, today I went to yoga. Beautiful, fantastic, amazing, mind-sheltering yoga. Alicia and Molly are sharing the class, and today was Alicia's day. BFF Erica is taking the Sunday class with me, and it was a fine, fine way to finish out what may be the Shittiest Week In Which Nothing Actually Happened Directly to Me.

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