Monday, May 05, 2008

Chicks will WHAT?

A few weeks ago I went to my high school's production of Grease. I'd never seen the production before (only the movie), but I knew there was a "censored" version that was performed by high schools around the country. Chicks scream, no one gets off their rocks, there are no tits, and the wagon is of the station variety rather than the feline.

So I'm sitting in the auditorium with BFF Erica and the strains of Greased Lightnin' begin. A boy who is yet not old enough to vote sings, "You are supreme, the chicks'll cream" and my mouth drops. I turn to BFF and she whispers "I don't think he was supposed to sing that." At which point I dissolve into giggles and am really glad I'm not the high school musical director.

The next evening I had Saturday Night Live on in the background as I...well, I was probably studying. Christopher Walken, one of my favorite hosts of all time, does a skit of, guess what, a high school performing Grease. Running through the song in his 'Save the Drama Stage' t-shirt, he gets to "chicks'll cream," and he stops the song. "Chicks will WHAT? That's DIRTY."

He then discusses "get off my rocks", and "real pussy wagon" (and disposes of 'greased lightnin' ' itself all on his own) and changes them to something cleaner because, as he says, "If I let you sing that that the school board will put me in a box and push me down a hill."

Who says life doesn't imitate art?

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