Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Meltdown #618

When I spoke of my meltdown last week, I didn't really imagine that I'd have another one quite so quickly. But, well, I guess my freaking out is an hourly occurrence these days. But, last night while I was sitting down doing my accounting and chatting with Jodi about various sundry items, I suddenly flipped out again.

Now when I say 'suddenly,' I mean just that. I mean that like a switch was flipped inside me, 'suddenly' everything was wrong and I was going to fail accounting (well, get a B, which is just as bad) and I couldn't get the problems or the exercises and blah blah blah.

Because Jodi is my friend and knows me well, she didn't bat an eye when I went from normal conversationalist to suicidal bitch. She switched right along with me, complaining about my professor and the stupid exercises and how could I be expected to do work when it's not explained? And that, folks, is a true friend. Sure, she threw Moist Frank in at the end, but it was a well deserved jab.

I've always, to some degree, had the freakout gene. Having classes, though, and being at the break point for stress 24/7 has only exacerbated an already unruly situation.

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