Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My inner alien

I've named her Betsy. Little Betsy Tropwood, from David Copperfield. I don't know why. I should name it Sigourney.

My inner alien is a tap tap tapping that is coming from just behind my ribs. It isn't a stomachache, it isn't gas, and it isn't a fetus (or if it is you can call me Mary II). It's a spot right behind my right ribs, and it just.....taps. Against my ribs. In a tapping movement. If I put my fingers to my ribs I can feel it.

I won't be freaked out unless it continues for another week or so. Or a fetal alien comes bursting out of my chest. That would also be cause for freaking.


jamais vu said...

David Copperfield is one of my all-time favorite books. Your tapping could possibly be a muscle spasmy nervous tic. Maybe try a shot of something medicinal like Jager or Southern Comfort. Either of those would probably poison the alien too, just in case that's what's trying to get out of you.

Kelly said...

You are so smart! My amazing chiropractor says it's a muscle spasm. Apparently they're trying to readjust my ribs. I wish them luck.

Meanwhile, I'm going to pretend it's an alien because, well, I've grown to love little Betsy Trotwood. And now I'm even saying her name right.

Planned Movements said...

Lovin your blogs! It is so interesting to hear the personal side of someone who used to be your educational superior.

When are we gonna get a beer?


Kelly said...

Oh mercy, now you're going to lose all respect for me! Lol. All my secrets are out.
I'm up for beer anytime! Weekends are best, week nights doable depending on when.

Jodie said...

kelly, this is so weird because i had a similar deal going on on my left side. i chalked it up to exhaustion and dehydration. but now i kinda want to have my ribs adjusted too. hope you are feeling better!

Kelly said...

I can't recommend a good chiropractor highly enough--it's so surprising how "unaligned" we are. Daily life--kids, walking, cell phones, purses--throw our spines to the wind, but a lot of people think that chiropractors are only for the "injured". Check it out! Get a recommendation from a friend or a doctor, but know that it's still considered an "alternative" medicine, so some doctors don't believe in it.