Friday, June 13, 2008

Things that boggled my mind today:

1. Needing my second complete brake replacement on the same car.

2. A man standing in a parking lot eating Chipotle. Standing. In a parking lot. Eating Chipotle.

3. The six people that ran a red light because they couldn't find their accelerators, apparently, when the light was green and let it run out.

4. The Sex and the City movie.

5. How much weight Candace Bergen has gained. Especially because she's apparently a vegetarian.

6. How bothered I am by the Sex and the City movie.

7. The amount of math I did today and that I think I may almost mostly understand it.

8. A boy returned my phone call.

9. That friends of a close friend of mine are pissed at her for going out of town for the weekend when she was "supposed" to visit their house for a party.

10. I bet I saw a dozen cars run red lights today. Not pink lights--RED damn lights.

Apparently I'm fully boggled today. I am. Dude. I need to go sit down.

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