Saturday, July 19, 2008

Emotional hips

Yoga teacher Nikki says that we carry a lot of emotion in our hips. I have big hips. Not big like fat, thanks to my recent 25 lb weight loss, but big hip bones. They shock people who touch them. And, apparently, may account for my absolutely ridiculous amount of emotion.

Today will be day six of the yoga intensive. I've attended Molly's class twice and CorePower four times. I'm physically exhausted, but I absolutely feel myself getting stronger. I ate meat this week because I know that if I'm going to overrun my body I have to give it some fuel. I ate a hamburger. It didn't taste very good, but that's okay...I think it did the job.

Have I mentioned I'm exhausted?

I'm going to go through Monday and then take Tuesday off because there aren't any classes that work with my schedule that day. Maybe I'll take Wednesday off as well to let my muscles recover in time for Thursday's Molly class.

Hopefully my emotional hips will find an know...somewhere.

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