Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Power to my for some breath

A few weeks ago I looked into CorePower Yoga in Edina and decided that, when I got time, I'd go take a class. Then, last week I had a frustrating experience in Yoga Molly's class where I couldn't find my breath and nothing was going right. Molly says that the breath is there and it'll come back and I know she's right, but I decided to take that as a sign to push my practice in a different direction.

I decided to do an intensive week of yoga. At least an hour a day. I did Molly's class at Isis on Monday night and then went to CorePower yesterday and today. Molly's class is tomorrow night, then I'll head back to CP for class Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I know my body will hate me at the end of all of this, but it doesn't so far. I'm exhausted, a little shaky, but it's all in a good way. Sometimes I think a person has to push herself beyond the limit, then pull back. I know I'm hitting this hard--probably harder than I should (stopping far shy of injury, naturally)--but when I take a few days off next week and then return, I think my practice will be enhanced and I'm hoping that my breath is back.

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