Friday, September 26, 2008

Eyes, start your engines...

For a variety of reasons (none of which need mention here) I am home today from work. So, the plan is to read all day. I have a pile of things that need to be read, that have been bugging me with their "read me!" stares and moans, and now it's finally time.

The first order of business is to finish Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. I'm going to miss these books. They're compulsive and addictive, and I really wish there were about a hundred more.

Next I'm going to finish Peace Like a River by Leif Enger, and write my review for MinnesotaReads (which today contains, ironically, a mildly scathing review on the first Stephanie Meyer book). I've been reading Peace Like a River for a hundred years. I like it every time I open the book...but I never seem to have a lot of energy to open it.

Finally I want to read Kelly Link's "Stone Animals." This was recommended to me by my quite-amazing former writing teacher, Dale Gregory Anderson. I have no idea what it's about except that it's strange, weird and good. Sounds like my type of story!

I also have a yoga philosophy book that I should be reading and I want to start a new book that I'm quite excited to begin. But...we'll go with first things first.

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