Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not all "Clay-mates" are psychotic, anti-gay freakshows, I promise.

I can stay silent no longer. Since the "breaking news" of Clay Aiken coming out as a homosexual, my eyes have rolled back into my head so many times I'm pretty sure permanent damage has been caused.

First, Clay Aiken has been gay and has KNOWN he was gay since BEFORE he was on American Idol. People, please. You fell in love with Clay Aiken. You fell in love with a gay man. Deal with it.

Two. For the people who are so shocked by this information that their worlds have effectively stopped, I need to ask: "Really?" As in, you had NO idea that he was gay? The ballads? The effeminate voice, gestures, style? The overly solid relationship with his mother? The total lack of a girlfriend? A Broadway role in Spam-a-lot? Really? NO idea whatsoever? Okay. Sure.

Three. To the Claymates who have been "defending" Clay for years against these "accusations" of being gay...I'm sure he deeply appreciates you going to blows to defend his honor and tear down those who would, gasp, suggest that he was a...shhhh.... homosexual. What an insult. Dear God, what would he have done without you? Oh...that's right, probably nothing. Know why? See reason four.

Four. Clay's sexuality has nothing to do with you. What, you think you had a chance? And now that he's gay *that's* the reason that you and he will never be? Does him being gay change his voice? Change his personality? Change his honor? His talent? His passion for his causes? Does it change anything you fell in love with? And while we're here, Clay didn't lie to you. He just didn't. He withheld information that was none of your damn business, but that's not a lie. That's protecting his privacy. Gee, wonder why he'd want to do that--everyone is handling the truth soo well.

So just stop it. Stop acting like Clay being gay is the end of the free world. It isn't. Good for him for coming out. Shame on you for feeling anything less than "whatever" or "good."

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Jodie said...

I'm going to see Kathy Griffin next weekend and I CANNOT WAIT for her to talk about this. Because now we have to officially refer to him as Clay Gaykin.