Sunday, September 21, 2008

My latest and greatest pleasure in life...

is 'The Principal's Office' on TruTV, the former Court TV. The Principal's Office is a documentary-style show featuring high school students as they get called into the principal's office for various infractions, from the administrator's point of view. This is a show that every single high school employee should watch roughly six times a day.

Here's what I've learned since I began watching this show:

1. Eric Sheninger is the yummiest principal in the US.
2. Teenagers have just about the most misguided perception of reality possible
3. High schools are exactly the same everywhere you go
4. I'm kind of a pushover teacher
5. If a teenager's mouth is open, lies are probably flying out of it
6. 75% of teenagers do the right thing...90% of the time
7. Divide and conquer
8. Humor goes a long way...sadly teenagers don't have much of a sense of humor
9. To work in a school, you really, really have to care about teenagers
10. I'm really going to miss this job when I'm not doing it anymore

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