Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And then I lost my mood ring.

Let me say... with a friend whose mom just had a heart attack, and unspeakable horrors going on all over the world, and the basically perfect life I have, I feel a little bad. But, I'm not going to lie: today was a wretched day.

My chiropractor left on Friday and is not, apparently, coming back. Just done. Not "just" done...she's known she was going to be done for quite awhile. But last Thursday when I said "see you Tuesday" and she said "yep!" apparently she'd forgotten that that was her second-to-last day of work. And that I won't see her again. And I feel just a little betrayed and a little lied to and a lot, a fucking lot, of sad. I really, really liked her. I trusted her. I looked forward to seeing her every Tuesday and Thursday. And now, I won't see her again. She's gone. Not leaving, not "giving notice"--she's just gone.

And then I lost my mood ring. Sometime between 4pm and 7:30pm, somewhere between Savage and Bloomington, it fell off my finger. It's in the Normandale parking lot, or on the floor of my classroom, or somewhere inbetween. Or somewhere else. And it made me sad, because it was a token of friendship, it was a symbol of some very good memories of this summer's camping trip, and my hand feels kind of naked without it. Lighter....but not in a good way.

But I ordered a new one. Actually, I think I accidentally ordered two. Which is okay, because apparently a back up isn't a bad thing for me. Too bad I can't get a back up favorite chiropractor.

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