Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why I love that man of mine...

Last night whilst hanging out at Champps with JennScheit, I saw my most awesome Stephen King on tv. The Red Sox are, of course, playing toward the World Series, and King is the number one fan of the Sox. So, I was completely tickled to see the camera pan to him sitting in one of the most spectacular seats in the place, since I wasn't expecting to see my man on the tele.

Then, my heart filled to overflowing when they panned to his the book that lay open there. See, in King's amazing book On Writing
, he says that writers need to read ALL THE TIME. He says a writer should always have a book with her. In lines, in cars, at the dinner table...and a writer needs to learn to read in "small sips" as well as "big gulps." And to see him practicing what he directed in his book--caught on camera doing exactly what his advice to all of us writers was, well.... what can I say? The man rules.

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