Sunday, November 02, 2008

Best Halloween EVER

I arrived at the RMB house at 7pm, costume in hand. We spent the next three hours getting ready, crafting accoutrements for our bird ensembles, drinking beer and eating pizza. When we finally left for the bar hop at about 10:30pm there were around ten of us...maybe twelve. We cruised around, sometimes splitting up, sometimes all together. We all ended up together at The Muddy Pig, where we stayed until closing time.

Our outfits were fantastic. Ruth, Molly and I dressed as birds. Ruth was all color, Molly was white from head to toe, and I was gothic black. It felt so awesome to let my inner goth girl out to play for the night. I said more than once that if I could dress every single day like I was dressed that night, I totally would. It was the most comfortable I've felt in quite a long time.

We slept at the RMB house and took our time getting up the next morning before we went for breakfast at The Happy Gnome. After that, we all had things we needed to get done so we separated ways and closed the book on The Best Halloween Ever.

Now tomorrow it's back to reality. There are some things going on with me, things that are making life harder than it needs to be...things that make nights like The Best Halloween Ever delightful surprises. I'm going to try to keep the awesome memories of this night as I try to get through this week.

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