Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peddling my wares...

It started with a credit card I got when I was 15 to take to France with me for "emergencies." Seventeen years later, I'm in debt. Not frighteningly so, but it's getting pretty close. So, I decided that I needed an intervention. And, the only person who would do that would be me. So, I had a long conversation with myself about where I am now and where I want to be and how I'm going to get there. And I decided that I needed to simplify. I need to simplify my house, my budget, my debt...pretty much my whole existence.

Last week I did clothes. I cut pretty deep, getting rid of some 60 pieces of clothing. I'll probably get the same amount when I do it again for summer clothing. Yeah, it's not hard to see where the debt came from, believe me. Today, I went straight for my own jugular. My bookcases. I'll spare you the gory details. Suffice to say, I removed about 150 books from my stacks.

This is where you come in. I need you to reach into your pockets and buy my books. They make great Christmas gifts, I promise. And I'm not talking crap books, either...there are authors you'll recognize and authors you won't, but I promise you all the books are good. Well, someone likes them. They make bestseller lists and stuff.

Enough talking... here's the link to the ad where my books are listed. The shipping is free. And if you buy more than one I'll probably cut you a pretty good deal. And you can probably write it off on your taxes as a charitable donation, because this girl needs some charity right now. Selling my books off...can you believe it?


Leah said...

I'll be considering your books in the coming days. :)

And Nickel and Dimed really was a good book, and Shakopee was discussed in terms of how hard it is to find an affordable place here.

I also noticed you only got rid of one Stephen King book (guessing you like all the others??). I finished Needful Things this summer. I thought it was pretty good.

Kelly said...

I never got around to reading Nickel and Dimed...I watched a play performance of it once that was pretty good--may have even been Shakopee High School.

I'm only getting rid of that King book because it's a duplicate--believe me, if I'm homeless someday my King books will be in my shopping cart right next to me :)

Leah said...

Haha I had made a comment about that - that I doubted you'd ever want to part with any King books ;)

SHS put on an AMAZING show of Little Shop of Horrors this year. I have never seen such an all-around good musical like this year's.

Kelly said...

SHS rented their plants from a good friend of mine who does theater in Jordan...I could have gone to the show on Saturday night but had to bail...which I was bummed about because I *love* the show. Glad it was done so well!!

Amanda said...

Best decision you ever made! Seriously, I started selling/giving away/not buying books, and I actually enjoy reading ten times more, and read more of the books on my to read list. Ok, making tough financial choices is important too, but truly, being a book minimalist is awesome. Celebrate it!