Friday, December 05, 2008

"You have the most beautiful eyes!"

A few days ago I alluded to the fact that life has had its decidedly icky moments lately. But, I also allowed as how there were some pretty nifty things going on too. So, yesterday I spent a rather unpleasant few minutes with a camera shoved up my nose and down my throat. Today I forked out another chunk of cash for Simon the Wonder Chinchilla to get his teeth filed down (and he's under the knife now and I really hope he doesn't die). This is a sample of the general ick.

But, while I was signing the form at the vet, the vet tech told me the time to pick him up and then said "You have the most beautiful eyes!" And I, who has never heard this before *ever*, said "wow, thanks!" And do you know that girl put the first smile on my face this week? She said "I'm sure you hear that all the time but I just had to tell you." And I, of course, said that no one ever says it, and I thanked her again.

So, though there's a list of crap going on that isn't a lot of fun, at least I'm doing it with fabulous peepers. And that's cool.

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Ellen said...

You've been tagged, Kelly! Maybe it will take your mind off Simon ...

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