Monday, June 01, 2009

Vortex of negativity

Over the last few weeks I've begun to come to terms with the fact that my job is full of negativity, and, if I allow it to, it can make me very negative as well. Every day is an uphill battle, trying to convince, cajole, entice and sometimes downright beg people to do basic common sense swear when they talk. Like read a book. Like write in complete sentences. Like show up on time (or show up period). And on every front I'm met with resistance. Does it get me down? Yes.

But, I think maybe I just need to accept that negativity as a job hazard. People who work as bomb diffusers don't go around thinking "Jeez...why do those bombs need to be so deadly? Can't they just be safe? Cripes." No, they understand that the work with danger and they accept it and go about their jobs.

I need to stop taking things so personally. I don't mean as a personal attack or affront, I just mean I need to stop absorbing the negative energy that surrounds me for eight hours a day (and as much time as I afford it at night). There is good energy in my workspace too, and I need to seek that energy out and let it have as great an impact as the negative stuff. I can't fix the negative aspects of the job--they're not going away. So, I need to change how I internalize and deal with it all.

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Daisy said...

There's a lot of negativity in my workplace, too. Budget cuts, etc., make it even tougher.