Sunday, August 23, 2009

Exhaustion makes a girl crabby

This weekend was full--and by full I mean FUUULLLLLLL--of yoga. Basically two days, six hours a day of yoga talk, practice, and analysis. Yesterday at the end of the day I was sore and tired. Today, at the weekend's conclusion, I am hurting and exhausted.

And crabby. Man oh man, am I breathing fire. Poor Gatsby has been on the receiving end of some of it (though I've managed to not victimize him too much, remembering he's only a puppy and I am his entire world--he missed me today, is all) but it's raised an interesting point for me.

I've never really connected my exhaustion with my crabbiness like this before. I spent the weekend doing something I love to do and wouldn't have changed a minute of it. So why Queen Crabby Pants? Because I'm tired. So, I started to think today--I spend most of the school year being completely exhausted. And crabby. Methinks the two may be connected? Hmmmmmmm? And, if the exhaustion comes first and leads to crabbiness, and the crabbiness leads to more exhaustion and more crabbiness, then maybe the slippery cycle of school year ickiness starts with me?

So... my plan for the school year (who am I kidding--let's start with September) is to make sure I sleep at least seven hours a night. That's what I get during the summer, though I'm quite inactive and tend to nap, so maybe I should shoot for 8 hours... but we'll do 7 to start. That's opposed to my normal...ahem...5 hours. Sometimes less.

Should be an interesting experiment...

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