Monday, August 10, 2009

Some things on my mind: a random list

1. I need to blog more often. I used to blog every day. Sometimes multiple times a day! Surely I have not run out of important things to tell the faceless masses? (Not that you, dear reader, are a faceless mass. You are an individual--unique and loved by me.)

2. Julie and Julia is a damn good movie. And, there was no better movie for me (a writer) and my best friend (a cook) to see together.

3. I need to get back to doing yoga. Seriously. I haven't done yoga in, roughly, 20 days. Which is about 20 days too many to be yoga-less.

4. Anna Karenina is a really good book! I'm totally digging it.

5. Melissa d'Arabian's new cooking show, Ten Dollar Dinners, would be a whole heck of a lot more awesome if she actually showed that the dinners actually cost ten dollars. Like, she says that the meal will feed a family of four for under ten bucks. But then she just shows how to cook something, and I'm thinking "Um...there's not a chance in the world that all cost less than ten bucks!" Or, if there IS a chance in the world, then show me. If you're going to have a show where budgeting and saving is an integral part of the it.


TT. said...

Whose translation of Anna are you reading?

TT. said...

Oh, also, I loved that line in J&J about women not liking their friends. Although I guess that makes me a woman now. :-(

Kelly said...

The Richard Pevear, Larissa Volokhonsky translation. I'm not sure it's the best in terms of verbage--there's quite a bit of clunky repetition that I'm sure wasn't in Tolstoy's original :) But the storyline is outstanding.

And yes--women don't like their friends. Frankly, I'm not sur emen like their friends either. Does anyone like anyone? Hmmm... maybe it's just me? Anyway, definitely an awesome movie.

TT. said...

I read that translation last year or the year before and thought it quite excellent. I certainly enjoyed the book way more than when I HAD to read it in college about a hundred years ago. But that probably speaks more to my mindset than to the different translation. I have their War and Peace on my Kindle right now, but haven't quite made the jump back in yet ...