Friday, March 26, 2010

Facebook: The Vorex of Hell

I declared today my official "Facebook-Free Friday." After spending six hours playing games on FB last night, I decided enough is enough. It would be one thing if I spent six hours just that one time...but I don't. I tend to come home from work and play games on FB until I go to bed. I think it's more boredom than anything else...I'm watching tv or laying on the couch and I figure "what the heck"--may as well play games. But, I think all that computer time is doing bad things for my concentration and overall mental wellbeing.

So...maybe every Friday will be Facebook-Free? It's a little ridiculous how much I've gotten done today. The true test will come tonight, though, during my typical FB time. But, I'm midway through cleaning a closet so hopefully I'll have enough to keep my hands and mind occupied.


Connie said...

i am hooked totally on jewel quest. it's like a drug ... time flies and
they've hooked me with the challenges.
I have never started any games on FB, because I'm afraid...very afraid. Good Luck on the FB Free Fridays, but if it's like a true addiction, I'm afraid that abstinance is the only way ... kinda like drugs and/or booze.

Tiger Puppet said...

I know the feeling.
I used to spend hours on end playing Farmville, Sorority Life and Cafe World.
You will conquer!!!!

Camie said...

We have all been there. Ask Brent about my Mafia Wars stint. I was avoiding my family because I was waiting on new energy packs and trying to buy properties to build my mafioso empire. Thankfully, I am now a level 451 (that is three years of playing!) and am officially BORED with the game. Now I just write snarky and probably offensive things on people's walls. That takes me way less time as "snarky" comes pretty natural to me.