Saturday, July 31, 2010

50%: Shoes

Tonight I tackled my shoe collection. Much, much harder than Gatsby's toys. But, not as hard as I was expecting. When I first counted, I had 50 pairs.

It was easy to pick the shoes I definitely wanted to keep and the shoes I definitely wanted to get rid of. Where it got hard was where I had to decide which of the multiple pairs I have that I wanted to keep. For example, I have (well...had) five pairs of Havaianas in all different colors. What's a girl to do? I kept four. Don't judge me.

The only huge casualty besides the lone pair of green Havaianas I'm sure BFF Erica will happily take off my hands was my boots. I have (had) 3 pairs of boots...all different. I kept one pair. I'm still not totally sure about that choice. But, my safety in this whole process is that everything I "get rid of" is going to be boxed up and put in the garage until Spring. If I decide I can't live without the boots I can go get them--but then I'll have to give up another pair.

With the two projects I've done so far, I know I'm doing the right thing. Neit
her time did I look in horror and say "I have nothing left!" If anything, I was able to see what I DO have far more clearly. Twenty-five pairs of shoes is plenty...that's six pairs per season. And I'm a yogi for pete's sake--I spend half my life barefoot.

The "keep" pile:

The "cleanse" pile:

*I should point out for you counters in the crowd...I have two pairs of tennis shoes--one for running and one for fitness walking--that I did include in the 50 but did not include in my keep 25. I also designated two pairs as "chore" shoes (one flip-flops and the other slip-ons that will live in the garage, not my closet. So, I technically kept 29 pairs and got rid of 21. Just stayin' honest ;-)

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Leah said...

This is incredibly interesting! In order to make my living space comfortable after I moved into my boyfriend's place we went through a lot of my stuff and got rid of many, many things. If only I did something as cool as this!