Sunday, August 01, 2010

50%? Really??

Tonight I tackled my clothes. The rules were:

--> Jackets, underwear and socks will be "50%ed" separately so they did not count
--> Sweaters that were borrowed from others and need to be returned do not count
--> Every item of clothing, even if dirty or being currently worn, counts

IT WAS HARD!!!!! It IS hard...since I'm not done. I started at 6pm and stopped at 9:30, and took two breaks in between. I started with a total count of 426 items, which meant I needed to get rid of 213 items. Right now, I'm at about 57% and I have to stop.

Why am I doing this? I grabbed a stack of 5 tank tops, threw them in the "cleanse" basket...and thought "Why am I doing this? What's the matter with having 40 tank tops?" *sigh* Welcome to my inner hoarder. I'm glad I'm struggling with this, though...growth comes from struggling and overcoming those obstacles that present themselves. If it was easy, I wouldn't get anything out of it.

And, I bet no one is going to come up to me and say "OMG, why don't you wear that one shirt anymore? It was your best shirt!" And if they do...well...I can probably go out and buy another one. Everything is replaceable.

Pictures to come when I finish this leg of the project...

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