Saturday, July 03, 2010

Differences between this cleanse and the last...

--> I'm not as hungry as I was the last time. Making more of a conscious effort to eat "on schedule" (every two hours) rather than sitting around trying to deprive myself to prove that I'm good at cleansing has made a world of difference.

--> I have plenty of choices. Master cleanse, cranberry/water, my broth (for the three day part of the cleanse), herbal's nice to say "hmmm...what am I going to eat" rather than "Um..what CAN I eat."

--> I don't have as much energy. Last time I was still practicing pretty actively and working full time...maybe I was exhausted as I am now, but I can't remember. Part of it might also be that it's the middle of summer and I haven't quite had a summer break yet...

--> I'm smarter about what I can eat--and what I'm willing to. Have I been eating saltines during the broth phase? Yep. Am I "supposed to"? Nope. Oh well. They taste delicious to me, and they keep me from running out to Chipotle and buying the place out. Or White Castle, which I was craving yesterday in spite of the fact that I have never, not even once in my life, ever eaten there.

Tomorrow is the last broth phase day--then it's back to solid foods...eating clean and testing. I'm continuing only through July 8 (a ten day event), because Amy and I are going to happy hour on the 9th. Can't wait to add some toxins back into this bod!


Leah said...

What all goes into the cleanse? Is it a sort of program, or did you make it up?

Kelly Flanigan said...

Hey Leah!
It's a cleanse I did the first time through CorePower Yoga in Minneapolis (they have a nutrition program)'s pretty much based on "clean eating"--which is just basically eating non-processed, organic foods. The purpose of the cleanse is to reset the system and give the digestive system a break, then test foods to watch for allergies or positive reactions (more energy, for example). One I'd recommend is in PowerYoga by Baron Baptiste...I did that one about a year ago and felt really amazing afterward.

Leah said...

Hi Kelly :) It's been awhile since I've commented, but I check back pretty much every week when I work an overnight shift (it's 12-hours and a lot of downtime!).

That sounds very intriguing, I might have to look into it. I've beent trying to figure out my diet for a year or so now, and I still haven't decided what works best for me.